As we are in the fortunate position of seeing many different customer calls come into different plumbing companies, we get to see what works best for converting calls into paying customers.

These days consumers have a lot of choice when it comes to plumbers, a quick search in Google or Yahoo will have many competitors listed. Just look around at everyone using mobile phones and tablets, as well as laptops, everything is just a search away on the internet, and consumers expect to get things straight away. If not, they will move on, and another company will get the plumbing leads. Things are moving at the speed of light these days, and you can take advantage of this to grow your company.

In fact a recent study from national company Velocify showed that speaking to a new prospect within a minute of the initial lead generation call improved the conversion rate by 390% compared to calling a prospective customer back later. The study covered a sample of over three million calls, so can be relied on as accurate. It also showed that calling somebody back 24 hours later was only 17% effective, compared to the 390% immediate approach.

As providers of plumbing leads for plumbers, we advise speaking to prospective customers straight away. Even if a later appointment is booked, the fact that a caller has been listened to and a response given normally completes the sale. By being able to immediately transfer a customer call to our plumbers, they get a massive competitive advantage over their competitors.

In fact if your competitors are obtaining plumber leads from a company that shares them with other plumbers, then this study shows that you will be 3 times more likely to pick up the business (all other things being equal), than your competitors who will call too late, only to be told “we already have a plumber”. What is more, people get upset by continually getting what they consider late phone calls, any you have avoided that.

So now you know why exclusive live-transfer calls are so much better than shared leads, go close some customers!